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How To Use Genomics To Sell More Genetics

For many years now, we have mainly talked about genomics as a completely separate word and process from genetics.The thing is: We can’t talk about genetics without talking about genomics, and vice versa.

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When Less is More: Lessons from the Livestock Genomics Industry

One of the problems with our industry is that we let ourselves get fooled by the various products. We buy into the illusion that the more products a company has, the more problems they are capable of fixing.

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3 Reglas de Oro para un Programa de Mejoramiento Genético Libre de Estrés

El uso de pruebas agrogenómicas (pruebas de ADN) se ha convertido en algo común y cada vez más organizaciones están considerando incorporar estos servicios y productos dentro de sus programas de mejoramiento

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3 Golden Rules for a Stress-Free Genetic Improvement Program

Ever since the use of agrigenomics-based tests (a.k.a DNA tests) went mainstream, more and more organizations are looking at the idea of incorporating these services and products into their genetic improvement

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How to Develop AgriGenomics Products And Get The Best Prices

For over 10 years now, we have heard of countless agrigenomics products hitting the market: Angus 384 (retired), Clarifide, GeneMax, Igenity Silver or Gold etc.. We have also heard of the i50k, GGP-LD,

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The Path To A Successful Technology Commercialization

Over the last 15 years, I have seen successful launches and some real flops in the path to genomics and biotechnology commercialization. If I were to think about the times when we were successful, I would

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