Dr. Elisa Marques
PhD - University of Alberta - Canada
MBA - Colorado State University - USA
5 Sales & Marketing Awards
4 Scientific Awards
2 Teaching Awards
1 Patent

AgFRONT's Founder & CEO Dr. Elisa Marques has 15 years of experience in the Agriculture Biotechnology Industry, from product development to sales and marketing, translating AgriGenomics technology into real working tools for farmers, ranchers and veterinarians.

AgFRONT bridges the gap from proof-of-concept to full-scale implementation. AgFRONT connects you with the right strategies, processes, expertise in genetic and genomic evaluation and testing; creating customized communication and training programs in 3 different languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), enabling the proper scaling of your product and services.

From humble beginnings helping my father compile phenotypic data for a very small Breed Association to being part of the team that built the first bovine chip - The Bov50k - and decoded the bovine genome. Now, I help thousands of people acquire expertise in Biotechnology and Genomics and use cutting-edge technology to stay at the forefront of their industries.

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Are you a company in the animal, crop or plant industry? WORK WITH ME to properly manage the integration of genomics (DNA testing) technology in your organization, while training your staff and customers on how to capitalize on it.


Are you a Breed Association, Seedstock or Commercial Producer interested in setting up the correct breed improvement program that includes genomics strategies and workflow that will propel your business to the forefront? ASK ME how you can properly integrate those strategies to scale your business.


Are you a company in the Agriculture Biotechnology Industry with technology that helps farmers and ranchers make better decisions about their business? WORK WITH ME to properly develop the market for your product or service.

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