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                  About the Instructor:

Dr. Elisa Marques

PhD - University of Alberta - Canada

MBA - Colorado State University - USA

5 Sales & Marketing Awards

4 Scientific Awards

2 Teaching Awards

1 Patent

Hi, I am Dr. Elisa Marques.

From humble beginnings helping my father compile phenotypic data for a very small Breed Association to being part of the team that built the first bovine chip - The Bov50k - and decoded the bovine genome. Now, I help thousands of people acquire expertise in Biotechnology and Genomics and use cutting-edge technology to stay at the forefront of their industries.​

My experience in the field spans research & development, marketing and business development. I am a graduate of the World-Renowned Bovine Genomics Program at the University of Alberta-Canada and I hold a MBA from Colorado State University - USA.

This course is a result of my hands-on experience in developing, processing and applying genomics-based tests for both beef and dairy cattle in 8 different countries. These practices have catapulted the use of genomics domestically and internationally, contributions that have recognized me with awards in Science, Business and Teaching.

After living in 3 different countries and working around the world, I am now turning my passion for science, business and teaching into the AgBio Talent Program that aims to solve the task of developing the current and the future AgBio Leaders needed to feed a growing world population.

We need people from all backgrounds: biologists, geneticists, animal scientists, agronomists, computer scientists, engineers and more.

I am very excited to have you join us 🙂

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