Hi! I am Elisa Marques (pronounced "EhleeSah" "Marks") and I am the founder of AgFRONT. 

Its name wasn't chosen at random. I chose it because I want to connect people, expertise and technology to put the Agriculture Industry at the forefront.

Companies come and go, but good relationships stay. When you teach those at the heart of feeding the world the right way to use genomics and biotechnologies to propel their business forward, a real transformation is possible.

I have been blessed to be able to travel all over the world. It has shaped who I am and it will shape the people that I help, teach and connect with. 

In summary, I am a little bit of everything: an educator, an advocate for the correct use of technologies and a Global Citizen.

Genetics + Genomics
Costa Rica
Genetics + Genomics + Biotechnologies

Agriculture is Global and everything we do now will impact somebody somewhere else.

That's the power of Connection and Relationship Building.

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